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The Union Mountainbike Club Koppl founded in 1998 warmly welcomes mountainbike riders, visitors and sponsors to its events. We hope to provide you with an exciting race at the footslope of Nockstein, our small but dominant summit in Koppl. The race is registered at the Austriuan Cacling Federation and is part of the Austria Youngsters Cup and Sportklasse Cup. While the race categories U7, U9 and U11 will be reletively soft races, the cross country track for all other age classes are getting more challenging with the age class.

In case you or your kids are interested in joining our event as participants, please use  the opportunities to register yourself in the respective age class. Registrations will only be accepted online via these forms and have to be submitted until the registration deadline announced. Nominations after this deadline are only accepted at the registration desk at the day of the event. Double the fees apply in this case.

In the name of the whole management team, the Union Mountainbike Club Koppl wishes an effective preparation for the event, a successful travel and an injury free race!


Nockstein Trophy 2020 (Day1)

24.09.2022 7:30 am -5:00 pm
starting 6,00 EUR

The Austria Youngsters Cup, the Sportklasse Cup and the Mountainbike Liga Austria are the national race series of the Austrian Cycling Federation (ÖRV). The AYC comply with the age classes U13 (20010/11), U15 (2008/09 and U17 (2006/07). For all younger ones, we will also provide races in the age classes U7 (≥2016), U9 (2014/15), and U11 (2012/13). Juniors (2004/05) and adults (≤2003) compete in the Sportklasse Cup or the Mountainbike Liga Austria. For further information see DETAILS.


Nockstein Trophy 2022 (Day 2)

25.09.2022 7:30 am -5:00 pm
starting 7,00 EUR